"Never let mistakes define who you are, 
only you choose who you are and what you are to become."

Wouldn't it be nice if we could never make a mistake? 
Actually, making mistakes is crucial to living a good life. 
There is no way to gauge if we have or if we are doing the right things in life,
 if we have never messed up in our lives. 
Mistakes are simply part of who we are and what we do as human beings. 
We have to be able to accept that we make mistakes, 
and we have to be willing to use every mistake that we have made, 
and turn it into a positive, instead of not learning from our mistakes, 
and committing the same ones time and time again. 

If you didn't have the right to make any mistakes, 
then you wouldnt have the right to do anything at all because no one is perfect.
 Don't fear making mistakes, 
fear not learning from the mistakes you have made.
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